Hello everyone!

My name is Birdie Tromborg and I am the proud owner of Colours by Birdie. I am native Scandinavian, born and raised in Denmark (the little happy country). I live with my boyfriend Mads and our ninja cat Gaia.

This is my first attempt at blogging/creating a website, so please let me know, if I can do anything different. We live to learn.

I am about to start a youtube channel as well, if I succeed, the link will be here.

You probably have a lot of questions.. Like if your blog/website is called Colours by Birdie, why do you always wear black? And wierd stuff like that (insert sarcasm).

If you guys want, I will answar these questions… But this website is for the colourful people, who are a little quirky, strange and love that about themselves! And both life lessons and thoughts from a quirky, weird and a bit freaky woman.




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