Why I disappeared??

I am back! I was MIA most of the summer and fall. Mostly because of work. I lost my summer vacation to work… But it was not all bad, because I am happy to announce that I am in the process of getting my YouTube channel up and running. This would not be possible, withoutContinue reading “Why I disappeared??”


My worst Tinder date story

Like everybody else, I have had some experiences with the famous app Tinder. Before my boyfriend of course. That’s why I can testament, that the dating scene is weird and confusing. I had an especially hard time at the dating scene. Mostly because I am really bad at telling, if people are flirting with me.Continue reading “My worst Tinder date story”

10 random facts about me

So, maybe we have met. Maybe you have read my posts. I am as everyone else, a complicated person, who cannot be put in a box. But I am going to try. (Sarcasm) Maybe not, but here are 10 random facts. I really love Disney!!! All Disney, all the time!! My favourite Disney movie isContinue reading “10 random facts about me”