My worst Tinder date story

06 14.06.16

Like everybody else, I have had some experiences with the famous app Tinder. Before my boyfriend of course. That’s why I can testament, that the dating scene is weird and confusing.

I had an especially hard time at the dating scene. Mostly because I am really bad at telling, if people are flirting with me.

So I had used Tinder for some time. I just moved in to my new apartment, and I was ready to put myself out there. I found this guy. He was sweet. So we went on a date.

I was pretty nervous. I had not been on a date for some time. We met at a park and walked for a while. We talked a lot about music and training. He did not make my heart melt. But it was a good beginning. So I invited him back to my place for coffee. We were both students, so neither of us had a lot of money. And in Denmark, there is no policy about the guy paying for the first date.

I fumbled with the coffee, and we sat down to talk more. At my dining table, in my studio. The conversation went smoothly and we laughed for a bit. I wanted to get the sugar, obviously I forgot it. When I got up, I succeeded in spilling the entire coffee all over my body. From my stomach to my knees.

My face turned tomato red. It is so typically me. I am clumsy. So of course I changed my clothes. Even though I spend time picking out the perfect casual outfit. I now had to change the whole thing. The poor bastard was so nice to me, and he tried to clean the floor after my coffee. But it was so obvious that he thought “I did not sign up for this.”

In the end I send him packing. And I never heard from him again. So the date went from nice to disaster.

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