My favourite makeup brands

06 16.06.16

I know a mother is not allowed to have favourites. But she does, or I do, anyway. And I am not talking about children. The fact that I do not have children, speaks for itself.

I am talking about makeup. You have seen my makeup purse. Or the things I use the most. And even though it contains most of my favourite makeup brands, it is summer, so I use lighter makeup, than I did, when it was winter.

But anyway. I have three favourite makeup brands. And one favourite facial cream brand.

  1. Nyx

I think this has become quite obvious. I love love love Nyx cosmetics. And I jumped and screamed, like a girl on her way to Disneyland for her first time, when I heard they came to Denmark. Even though we have some pretty amazing brands in Denmark, this is the only brand, that has my winter skin colour. Ivory. No other makeup brands makes the powder or foundation that light. The last three years I had to buy my makeup from the UK. My skin has improved so much since I began using Nyx cosmetics.

  1. GOSH Copenhagen

This is also one of my go to brands. It is Danish. Has amazing colour pallet, when it comes to lipsticks. And it is affordable. It does not wow me anymore, mostly because I have been using it for years. But it is a nice brand. You get quality makeup, cheap. And they are very consistent. Their colours are both wild and different, and also the nudes we all use on a daily basis. The waterproof pencil eyeliner is really to die for. But the mascaras I have used…. it seems like they never really dry.. and you cannot layer them.

  1. Rimmel

This is one of the brands I have rediscovered. I found out that they had the best mascara ever. It is the false lash effect, and I have the waterproof version. You do not need that. It is never coming off ever again. So if it’s your wedding day or something like that, it’s perfect. Otherwise, take the normal version and spare your eyes the horror of taking it off again. Normally I am a pencil (the one you can sharpen) kind of girl. But the exaggerate waterproof eye definer is really amazing. I use the brown one, when I do not want a lot of makeup on, and it really is so simple to use.

  1. Ilse Jacobsen

This is my favourite skincare brand. I just got this amazing cream and I just love it. She only has one, so it is easy to spot. But also quite expensive, in my opinion.

That was it. Until next time.




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