Favourite things about summer


I know that you, wright now, are thinking “Does she even like summer?” I do not hate summer. We are just not friends. Mostly because I am allergic to it. And I am not joking. Even though it sounds like it. I am allergic to grass and the sun. And it sounds really crazy. But unfortunately it is true.

But there are some amazing things about summer, that I miss, when fall is around the corner.

The weather is one of them. Even though it can get way to hot. I love that you can sit outside and eat. Take long walks on the beach. And looking at the stars with only a blanket rapped around you. Bath in the water at night and not freezing your a** of, if you want to go out on a girls night.

Walking on sand. I grew up close to the water. So summer for me, is walking barefoot on the sand and finding rocks by the shore. Enjoying the freedom of not having to do anything. Just walking at the beach. Seeing the amazing water and feeling the wind around you.

Ice cream. I LOVE ice cream!! Especially the fruit ones, or the ones with gummy bears in them (the Timon and Pumba ice cream from my childhood). that is not true, I love ice cream in general. I will not discriminate against the chocolate ones. Or weird ones. I will try them all. Also the frozen yoghurt ones.

Do you have any ice cream, that you think I should try? Because ice creams are like Pokémons to me. I want to catch them all!!

Until next time.




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