The story about me and my BFF

The story about me and my BFF-2


This is my BFF (on the picture).

This is the story about the love of my live. Not in the romantic way. But in the “I will stand by your side forever” way. We met in 2013, at my previous study. She hated me at first.

She was in an awful place in her live. She was with an abusive man, who got her to believe that when he was mad, it was her fault. She was afraid to tell anyone, because they had been together for many years.

She hated me, because the day we started talking, I was happy go lucky. I was persistent. And she warmed up after a while. I started politely to question her thoughts about her, now, ex, in a very polite way.

She finally broke it off with that guy.

But it takes time, to get over a 6 year long relationship, so I took her to the happiest place on earth. Disneyland. In Paris. Or I forced her. Never mind.

She is the most beautiful, amazing and passionate woman I know. She is my better half. And knows me better, then I know myself. She is always happy for me. She thought I was beautiful, before I saw it myself. She is the one I want by my side, in every tough situation. I could never live a day without her voice in the back of my mind.

She is the angel on my shoulder. The voice I hear, when I do something bad. She never judges. And always makes me laugh.

She is always late. And knows it. For some reason I never get mad at her. She knows I hate when people are late, but with her, it doesn’t matter. Cause when she is with me, she is mine 100%.

She is me in every way, and still my total opposite. I love her, with all my heart.

Until next time.




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