Why I disappeared??


I am back!

I was MIA most of the summer and fall. Mostly because of work.

I lost my summer vacation to work…

But it was not all bad, because I am happy to announce that I am in the process of getting my YouTube channel up and running. This would not be possible, without the money I earned this summer (I did not have the proper lights for my mini “studio”).

So right now, I am participating in meetings about starting my own business, so I can build up my company.

At the same time I am going to school and filming my very first video. I am a busy bee.

And I have decided to be more visible! So from now on, there will be more pictures on Instagram and if I really get my s*** together, there will be more posts on twitter.

All of this means something  blog wise. I will not be writing as much as I did before the summer vacation. Mostly because YouTube will substitute the beauty blogs I wrote before.

Which I think is easier. Then I can show you the products instead. But I will try to write at least one blog per week. I hope.

I have an internship coming up as  part of my studies, so please forgive me, if I forget.

If you have any suggestions for makeup tutorials or questions, just ask.

But anyways, I am back in school, and able to write whenever inspiration hits me. Which is why my blog is back again.




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Hello there, I’m Birdie and welcome to Colours By Birdie. A Lifestyle Blog for women filled with tips, tricks and strategies to help you make the most of your colourfull life.

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