About the love of my life

05 31.05.16

If the story about me and my love life was a movie, it must be ether the nightmare before Christmas or how to train your dragon. And that is some weird movies to compare your love story to.

But this is a weird love story.

Am I an opinionated woman. I do not want to stand behind a man. To see him succeed, and me staying home with the 1,8 kids, behind a white picket fence.

I wanted a man that understood that, and if I was lucky respected me for that dissension. It is not, that I do not want kids. I love kids. But I am not a housewife.

So when I met this wonderful man, at my school, I was sceptic. When I talked to him at first, he challenged me, with a crocked smile. I thought he was a player. Normally players like me, because I am a challenge.

But he turned out to be the sweetest man I had ever met, and I fall in love with him instantly. But I was not ready for him. I was enjoying my single life. And he ruined it in the most amazing way possible.

He has become my second half, not in the sense that I am lost without him. But because he makes everything better. Even when he is mad at me, tired after work or annoyed when I wake him up way too early in the morning.

The last couple of months he has supported me a great deal. With the start of my blog and my upcoming business. I could not have done it without his help. Even though I know he was sick of my questions in the end.

So my love, thank you for understanding me and my planner obsessions. The quirky way my brain works. Even when I was I doubt about myself. You still loved me.

I will always be yours.

Until next time.




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