10 random facts about me


So, maybe we have met. Maybe you have read my posts. I am as everyone else, a complicated person, who cannot be put in a box. But I am going to try. (Sarcasm)

Maybe not, but here are 10 random facts.

  1. I really love Disney!!! All Disney, all the time!! My favourite Disney movie is The nightmare before Christmas.
  2. I do not like roses. In Denmark we have something called farmers roses (directly translated), peonies in English, in purple they are my favourite.
  3. I am allergic to tomatoes, which makes coking a bit difficult. And a pain in the ass, when I love sundried tomatoes.
  4. I have over 50 bottles of nail polish and I sometimes I do nail art. But wright now my nails are damaged after I took of my gel nails, so I must wait. I do not like waiting.
  5. I really like sarcasm, and it is heavily used in Denmark. But I really do not understand 80 percent of it.
  6. When I am I bit bored, I usually play ether Pokémon on my Gameboy or Diablo III on my pc. I had to buy Pokémon again, and the Gameboy, because I was to foolish and sold my last one.
  7. I am looking for a new apartment with my weirdo boyfriend and my ninja cat. The one we have, is way too small.
  8. I am 160 cm (5,2) short. I do not mind being short, but finding pants in my length can be difficult. And I joke about my height, a lot.
  9. I am studying to become a pedagogue. I would love to work with school children, when I am done. In 2,5 years.
  10. If I could choose to be a villain or a superhero, I would not have a doubt in my mind. I would be an amazing villain. Poison Ivy style.

Hope you have enjoyed it. Until next time.




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Hello there, I’m Birdie and welcome to Colours By Birdie. A Lifestyle Blog for women filled with tips, tricks and strategies to help you make the most of your colourfull life.

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