My planner obsession


If you have not guessed it yet, I love planning. Not in the traditional way, with planning your whole life. But in the “F*** did I forget something important?” way.

And I do forget it, when I do not have my planner with me.

Like anyone else I can be a mess sometimes, miss important dinners with friends, or a bill that needs to be paid or some boring adult stuff like that. And after I write in my planner, I can do whatever I want!! I think that sounds pretty awesome!!

But I do not like the traditional planners, even though I love black clothes, I like my planners colourful and a bit on the weird side (a mix between feminine and spooky).

I kind of like being creative and this is a way of doing it. As you see in the picture I have enjoyed some time with a laminator. It is so much fun. Mostly for the child in me.

But the 10% adult I have in me likes the tidiness of the laminated paper.

Anyway, the planner thingy. I am making my own. If you want it, I hope the webshop is going to get started this August with a school version (August – July) and then I will have a year version.

But yeah, check it out if you want to, otherwise I am not going to hold it against you.

But anyways.




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