My desk space


I have tried to organize my desk many times, until I realized, it was not for me.

My desk is a mess. But not in the traditional way. I have a lot of small storage units, where I dump most of my planner accessories. And for me, that is perfect organized mess.

Sometimes my desk does not look like a tsunami just came. And right now is one of those times. Because I am a human being. And I mess things up. All the time.

But I like it a bit messy. Sometimes it is messy because I could not find, the one damn thing, that I was looking for. And when you finally find it and you are done using it, the last thing on your mind is cleaning.

Sometimes the desk is part of my desk is part of my thinking process. And I do not know why, but my brain likes the creativity to be a bit messy (my boyfriend hates me for it).

Maybe that is why I always keep weird things at my desk. Of cause I have a large macaron to storage my favourite jewellery. And this week I have a small version of the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars Lego) and Han Solo (the young Han Solo) on my desk.

I love Lego, but especially Star Wars Lego. I have a few of the smaller Lego sets. But I really want the large Millennium Falcon. Even though it is a bit pricey.

That is what a desk is supposed to do. Of cause you need to make your homework at it. And your planning (if you are like me). But a desk needs to inspire you to do that.

And if having Star Wars Lego or something like a large macaron at your desk does the job. Who am I to tell you, that you are wrong?

Until next time.





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