Hi quirky ones


And welcome to my new blog!

This is my first ever blogpost, so I am still learning. But I hope you will have as much fun with reading it, as I have writing it.

Today, even though it is raining outside, I am in the best spring mood. So I thought you would enjoy a picture of the only plant, I have not killed yet.

I thought about showing you guys a picture of my new Lego Disney minifigure, Buzz Lightyear, but I have a collection, so I think they will be shown later.

If you have not noticed, I am a bit of a weirdo.. I like comics, Disney, super heroes, sci-fi, Pokémon and cartoons. Which apparently is not normal, according to society.

My blog will be influenced by this. But I still like nail polish, makeup, shoes and cosplay. So if this is something you will enjoy, stay tuned. Off cause this will also be influenced by the nerdy side of me.

I unfortunately need to be a little fitness and health freakish, in my everyday life. Not by my choice, but by my body’s. If you do not want to hear about it, I will stop.

My blog will also be used as a shop for my planner business, because I think there is a need for a quirky planner out there.

Any questions, just ask.