Moving out for the first time


I was 19, when I moved out.

And I did not just move out, I moved 80 km (50 miles) away from my home.

These are some of my mistakes regarding moving out for the first time and thoughts about living on your own. Which means that it does not apply to everyone.

Mistake number 1:

My parents have been divorced since 2001, and I moved out from my mom’s place, when I was 16 and lived permanently with my dad after that. I thought I had tried this before and knew what to expect.

What happened:

I moved away from everyone I knew, to a town where I did not go to school or had anyone I knew. I lived with my, now ex, boyfriend and the apartment was close to his job, his family and his friends.

So I felt alone. Often. Especially during the first two months.

Mistake number 2:

The first time I moved out, I lived with someone who I was in a relationship with. If it ended, I was screwed.

What happened:

We lived together for two years, almost to the day. I had no time to find myself, he was always there. I became another person, because he wanted me to be different.

It took some time, but I found myself. It took a lot of courage and planning to move out, before I said anything to him. Because of the distance from him to my parents.

Mistake number 3:

He liked the town his parents lived in and wanted to start his life there.

What happened:

His mother hated me. I am not joking. She preferred his ex-girlfriend to me and asked about her frequently.

She told me after a vacation we all took, that I had ruined hers, because I did not participate in all the activities. She never asked me, if anything was wrong. I had a depression.

The best thing about mistakes is that you learn from them. In my life this was a big one, and it was really hard to handle. I was lucky. I had amazing friends who helped me, and family that guided me in this strange and emotional situation.

I hope you will learn from this.

Until next time.




Why I disappeared??


I am back!

I was MIA most of the summer and fall. Mostly because of work.

I lost my summer vacation to work…

But it was not all bad, because I am happy to announce that I am in the process of getting my YouTube channel up and running. This would not be possible, without the money I earned this summer (I did not have the proper lights for my mini “studio”).

So right now, I am participating in meetings about starting my own business, so I can build up my company.

At the same time I am going to school and filming my very first video. I am a busy bee.

And I have decided to be more visible! So from now on, there will be more pictures on Instagram and if I really get my s*** together, there will be more posts on twitter.

All of this means something  blog wise. I will not be writing as much as I did before the summer vacation. Mostly because YouTube will substitute the beauty blogs I wrote before.

Which I think is easier. Then I can show you the products instead. But I will try to write at least one blog per week. I hope.

I have an internship coming up as  part of my studies, so please forgive me, if I forget.

If you have any suggestions for makeup tutorials or questions, just ask.

But anyways, I am back in school, and able to write whenever inspiration hits me. Which is why my blog is back again.



The story about me and my BFF

The story about me and my BFF-2


This is my BFF (on the picture).

This is the story about the love of my live. Not in the romantic way. But in the “I will stand by your side forever” way. We met in 2013, at my previous study. She hated me at first.

She was in an awful place in her live. She was with an abusive man, who got her to believe that when he was mad, it was her fault. She was afraid to tell anyone, because they had been together for many years.

She hated me, because the day we started talking, I was happy go lucky. I was persistent. And she warmed up after a while. I started politely to question her thoughts about her, now, ex, in a very polite way.

She finally broke it off with that guy.

But it takes time, to get over a 6 year long relationship, so I took her to the happiest place on earth. Disneyland. In Paris. Or I forced her. Never mind.

She is the most beautiful, amazing and passionate woman I know. She is my better half. And knows me better, then I know myself. She is always happy for me. She thought I was beautiful, before I saw it myself. She is the one I want by my side, in every tough situation. I could never live a day without her voice in the back of my mind.

She is the angel on my shoulder. The voice I hear, when I do something bad. She never judges. And always makes me laugh.

She is always late. And knows it. For some reason I never get mad at her. She knows I hate when people are late, but with her, it doesn’t matter. Cause when she is with me, she is mine 100%.

She is me in every way, and still my total opposite. I love her, with all my heart.

Until next time.



Favourite things about summer


I know that you, wright now, are thinking “Does she even like summer?” I do not hate summer. We are just not friends. Mostly because I am allergic to it. And I am not joking. Even though it sounds like it. I am allergic to grass and the sun. And it sounds really crazy. But unfortunately it is true.

But there are some amazing things about summer, that I miss, when fall is around the corner.

The weather is one of them. Even though it can get way to hot. I love that you can sit outside and eat. Take long walks on the beach. And looking at the stars with only a blanket rapped around you. Bath in the water at night and not freezing your a** of, if you want to go out on a girls night.

Walking on sand. I grew up close to the water. So summer for me, is walking barefoot on the sand and finding rocks by the shore. Enjoying the freedom of not having to do anything. Just walking at the beach. Seeing the amazing water and feeling the wind around you.

Ice cream. I LOVE ice cream!! Especially the fruit ones, or the ones with gummy bears in them (the Timon and Pumba ice cream from my childhood). that is not true, I love ice cream in general. I will not discriminate against the chocolate ones. Or weird ones. I will try them all. Also the frozen yoghurt ones.

Do you have any ice cream, that you think I should try? Because ice creams are like Pokémons to me. I want to catch them all!!

Until next time.



My favourite makeup brands

06 16.06.16

I know a mother is not allowed to have favourites. But she does, or I do, anyway. And I am not talking about children. The fact that I do not have children, speaks for itself.

I am talking about makeup. You have seen my makeup purse. Or the things I use the most. And even though it contains most of my favourite makeup brands, it is summer, so I use lighter makeup, than I did, when it was winter.

But anyway. I have three favourite makeup brands. And one favourite facial cream brand.

  1. Nyx

I think this has become quite obvious. I love love love Nyx cosmetics. And I jumped and screamed, like a girl on her way to Disneyland for her first time, when I heard they came to Denmark. Even though we have some pretty amazing brands in Denmark, this is the only brand, that has my winter skin colour. Ivory. No other makeup brands makes the powder or foundation that light. The last three years I had to buy my makeup from the UK. My skin has improved so much since I began using Nyx cosmetics.

  1. GOSH Copenhagen

This is also one of my go to brands. It is Danish. Has amazing colour pallet, when it comes to lipsticks. And it is affordable. It does not wow me anymore, mostly because I have been using it for years. But it is a nice brand. You get quality makeup, cheap. And they are very consistent. Their colours are both wild and different, and also the nudes we all use on a daily basis. The waterproof pencil eyeliner is really to die for. But the mascaras I have used…. it seems like they never really dry.. and you cannot layer them.

  1. Rimmel

This is one of the brands I have rediscovered. I found out that they had the best mascara ever. It is the false lash effect, and I have the waterproof version. You do not need that. It is never coming off ever again. So if it’s your wedding day or something like that, it’s perfect. Otherwise, take the normal version and spare your eyes the horror of taking it off again. Normally I am a pencil (the one you can sharpen) kind of girl. But the exaggerate waterproof eye definer is really amazing. I use the brown one, when I do not want a lot of makeup on, and it really is so simple to use.

  1. Ilse Jacobsen

This is my favourite skincare brand. I just got this amazing cream and I just love it. She only has one, so it is easy to spot. But also quite expensive, in my opinion.

That was it. Until next time.



My worst Tinder date story

06 14.06.16

Like everybody else, I have had some experiences with the famous app Tinder. Before my boyfriend of course. That’s why I can testament, that the dating scene is weird and confusing.

I had an especially hard time at the dating scene. Mostly because I am really bad at telling, if people are flirting with me.

So I had used Tinder for some time. I just moved in to my new apartment, and I was ready to put myself out there. I found this guy. He was sweet. So we went on a date.

I was pretty nervous. I had not been on a date for some time. We met at a park and walked for a while. We talked a lot about music and training. He did not make my heart melt. But it was a good beginning. So I invited him back to my place for coffee. We were both students, so neither of us had a lot of money. And in Denmark, there is no policy about the guy paying for the first date.

I fumbled with the coffee, and we sat down to talk more. At my dining table, in my studio. The conversation went smoothly and we laughed for a bit. I wanted to get the sugar, obviously I forgot it. When I got up, I succeeded in spilling the entire coffee all over my body. From my stomach to my knees.

My face turned tomato red. It is so typically me. I am clumsy. So of course I changed my clothes. Even though I spend time picking out the perfect casual outfit. I now had to change the whole thing. The poor bastard was so nice to me, and he tried to clean the floor after my coffee. But it was so obvious that he thought “I did not sign up for this.”

In the end I send him packing. And I never heard from him again. So the date went from nice to disaster.

Until next time.



5 things I miss

5 things I miss

If you know me, and know me well, you have picked up on the fact, that I am not a Summer person. I really love the whole concept, but I cannot take the heat. I feel like the only thing I do right now, is taking really cold showers.

This does not mean, that I did not long for summer, when it was snowing outside (2 months ago). Or missed it in the autumn, even though the autumn leaves were beautiful.

But since the heat came over us, here are the 5 things I miss the most:

  1. Being able to go outside. With no sunscreen. Without sweating like a pig. Do not get me wrong, I love wearing my Summer dresses, but in this heat, even the smallest and lightest Summer dress is too much fabric. And sunscreen, even the amazing expensive one, is sticky. And greasy.
  2. Coffee!! I love coffee, but it is not the same in the heat. It does not taste as good. And even though ice coffee is amazing, it does not give me the same pleasure as normal coffee does.
  3. I know it sounds weird, but I really love rain. Especially in the Summer. Summer rain is the best, mostly because it is the only rain, that you long for. And I do not even use an umbrella (unless I am going out).
  4. I love my sneakers. And for most of the year, it is all I wear. But summer heat you c***. My feet are smelly. And sweaty. And gross. If I wear my favourite shoes. Stupid sun.
  5. Mostly for everybody else’s sake. Because I am white. And you may think “I am pretty white too.” It may be true. But have you seen the picture of a beach that says: “Find the Irish girl.” Or something like that. She is almost the same colour as the sand. I am that white.


It is so typical. We miss the season we do not have. And never appreciate the one we have. But still, hope you guys enjoy the summer. I do. Cause I know, I am going to miss it, when the leaves turn orange.

Until next time.



Tips and tricks for strong nails

06 09.06.16

I do not consider myself someone who on purpose buys a product, just because it is a high end brand. Even though, the nail polish I use the most is quite expensive. Compared to other brands.

So, my nail story. Just the short one.

From the age of 4 to the age of 18 I bit my nails. Chewed them so short it hurt. I tried everything to stop. In Denmark, we have something called Good Nail, and it tastes like s***. But that did not work. Some day I just decided to stop. So I did.

Kind of weird.

But that left my nails thin, and even though they are pretty white, they get chipped so easily. so I tried gel nails. My friend has these pretty gel nails, that I have envied for some while now. So I tried them.

They were way too big and clumsy for me. But they were so pretty, for the first week. And I got them in one of my favourite colours, matt grey. They lasted three weeks.

So now, I have paper thin nails.

I have two things, that help my nails. OPI Nail Envy – Soft & Thin Formula and OPI Avoplex nail/cuticle oil. They are both quite expensive. But worth every penny.

I have been using them for about two weeks now, and I can really feel a difference. My nails, even though they are still soft, have gained strength. So I hope that I can do nail art again soon. Even though my fake nails were way too much. The nail art I was able to make (as a beginner), was a lot easier on larger nails. And the end results were really amazing.

And of course I made Disney inspired nails.

Until next time.



How to survive the summer heat

06 05.06.16

“I am melting. Turn down the heat.”

As a child I had a toy snowman that said exactly those words when you pushed it. Right now it feels like words of wisdom.

I am melting. Even though Denmark is not that hot. I know. It is still spring, but outside it is about 28⁰C (82⁰ Fahrenheit). And our summer is usually that temperature. My white body cannot take the heat, or the sun for that matter. So what to do?

By the way, we do not have air conditioning in Denmark. Or we do, but only in malls, schools and hospitals etc.

So here are 5 tricks to survive:

  1. Water, water, water! You have heard this too much. But you need to stay hydrated, especially if you are going outside. Soda lollies are also a great way to stay hydrated, if you ask me.
  2. Are you thinking about going outside? In this heat? As a really white woman, I become a lobster without sunscreen (and I am kind of allergic to the sun). So I found the best one, P20 Riemann. I know it is expensive, but it’s worth every penny.
  3. Flaunt your new bathing suit, bikini or whatever you wear at the beach. It is socially acceptable even if you are not at the beach. Because of the heat, you can even enjoy your bikini sitting in the shadows.
  4. Take a long and cold bath. If you like. But if you just want to stay cool, place a cold water bottle on your wrists or on the back of your neck. The skin is thin there, so it cools down your body.
  5. Your clothes matter. I love black, and I wear it most of the summer (white is not my colour). But I never wear anything heavier that cotton. And two of my skirts are almost see through.

Hope you found this helpful. And do not melt in the summer heat. Until next time.




My makeup bag essentials

06 02.06.16

My makeup bag is not filled with expensive things. I have one or two items that are not typical drugstore. Otherwise my makeup is available, even for those who just started with the makeup. Except from one thing, I am not sure if one of my favourite makeup brands can be bought in other countries.

I try to keep my makeup cruelty free. In Europe it is not that difficult. There is a law that dictates, no makeup is allowed to be tested on animals. In the same way, that China has a law that dictates, makeup is required to be tested.

So my makeup bag contains these key items:

  1. Mirror – of course, I mostly use a pocket mirror. I am a bit clumsy, so I broke my standing mirror a couple of months ago.
  2. Tweezers – even though my eyebrows are pretty light, I can still get that one stray hair, that you cannot stop staring at.
  3. Makeup wipes – I usually have a little bag with me. Mostly if I want to switch lipstick or if I suddenly decide to sleep at a friend’s place.
  4. Lip balm – I usually have Maybelline Baby Lips Melon Mania with me. I like a little colour on my lips at all times.
  5. Lip oil – I use Gosh(Copenhagen) lip oil Rose. It looks like a lip gloss, but leaves the lip smooth like an oil should.
  6. Concealer – I have two kinds. Both are from Nyx cosmetics. Their concealer wand is both available in a normal skin colour, and yellow, lavender and green. I own the green one, that hides the red colour in pimples. And I of course have a skin colour as well.
  7. Powder – I do not like the feeling of foundation. So I use Nyx Stay matte but not flat powder foundation instead. It has the weightless feeling of powder, but the coverage of a foundation.
  8. Highlight – See number 10.
  9. Bronzer – See number 10. (again)
  10. Eyeshadow – This is the one thing; I did not buy myself. My little brother got me the Elizabeth Arden Glamour on the Go travel kit this Christmas. And it has everything, which is why I love it so much. The kit contains both multiple eyeshadows, nude and darker colours, bronzer and highlight and many other essentials for a travel kit.
  11. Eyeliner – Here I use GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliner Black Ink, that is really creamy and easily applied. And if I want a thinner line, I use my e.l.f. Essential Expert Liquid Liner.
  12. Brow pencil – One year ago I did absolutely nothing with my eyebrows, so Eylure Brow Pencil is the perfect starter kit for an eyebrow newbie. It easily applies, it is not overwhelming in the colour department and I prefer a pen for application.
  13. Lipliner – If I do not use my lip oil as a lipgloss, I use my NYX Mechanical pencil in the colour Nude Pink. It is a fantastic match for my lipstick and it creates a perfect base.
  14. Lipstick – Then I use my favourite lipstick GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt in the colour Rose. This is a nude lipstick, but in a purple shade.
  15. Mascara – This is the item I spent the most money on, mostly because I fell I love with Lancôme Grandiôse, that is quite expensive 26£ (38 $)

This is a picture of my everyday makeup, if I want to spend the 10 minutes it takes.


Hope you found this helpful. If you want to know more, you are welcome to write me. Until next time.